Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Music Album 2013 Details

This is the name of the next album of  "Mr.Sam Ali" . Which contains the songs that are written sung and composed by him. Like he released his first album "Broken Heart Mega" in which the musical theme for this album was specially prepared and released. The name of this album was given by fans so "Mr.Sam Ali" didn't refused that.Because the large number of fan chosen this name.And so for this upcoming album another musical theme is prepared and ready to be released. And it will be released very soon. The date of this album releasing is 1st JUNE 2013. Date may be extended depends upon how much work is left. Or it could be any reason.

About This Album:                    
Very short information about this album is leaked by an SSB Member.The original album art you can see at the top of the list.

  1. Album Will Release this JUNE 2013.
  2. Album Will Having Ten Songs
  3. Mr.Sam Ali is releasing the album theme very soon.
  4. Mr.Sam Ali is releasing an interview about it very soon.  

Tracks Details :

The following are the tracks for this beautiful music album and all these tracks are in the original sequence:
  1. Forever Yours                      LISTEN (HQ Video) (HQ Audio)
  2. Last Fight                           LISTEN (HQ Video) (HQ Audio)
  3. Lost Treasure                     LISTEN (HQ Video) (HQ Audio)
  4. You'll Never Find               LISTEN (HQ Video) (HQ Audio)
  5. That's what                         LISTEN (HQ Video) (HQ Audio)
  6. Can't Let You Go               LISTEN (HQ Video) (HQ Audio)
  7. Destiny                               LISTEN (HQ Video) (HQ Audio)
  8. In The Train                       LISTEN (HQ Video) (HQ Audio)
  9. Don't You See                    LISTEN (HQ Video) (HQ Audio)
  10. So Confused                       LISTEN (HQ Video) (HQ Audio)
Please give your suggestions and opinions and ask any question you want by CLICKING HERE and entering feedback.Your feedback will directly go to "Mr.Sam Ali" and you'll soon get a reply from him.
 Some Other Original Songs:

Mr.Sam Ali has also did some other original songs one of them is released and its name is "Telling You Goodbye 2012" Which released at 31st-Dec-2012 (The last day of past year). The most important thing about this song is that "Mr.Sam Ali" has released it as freeware. So, any one can download it.
Here you can listen  to it:
Telling You Goodbye 2012 - YouTube (Download Link is in the description of this video)
Telling You Goodbye (HQ) AUDIO

I'll update this blog soon as the information gets collected.
Julia Brett